If you are planning to work abroad and bring your whole family, it is necessary to find a Philippine School that will cater the education of your children. Below are the lists of Philippine Schools provided by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas:


Philippine School Bahrain

Bldg. 989, Road 3222, Blk. 732, A’Ali
P.O. Box 10417, Manama, Bahrain
TN: (973) 1764-451
FN: (973) 1764-101
E-mail Address: gerriesalem2003@yahoo.com


Manila Xiamen International School
176 University Road.,Seaside Bldg., No.1
361006 Xiamen, Fujian China
TN: (86-592) 251-6373
FN: (86-592) 251-6375
E-mail Address: MXIS@ Public.xm.fj.cn

Shanghai International Learning Center
3217 D-1 Tang Ying Villa, 3217 Lu Cun Lane
Hong Mei Road, 201103 Shanghai, China
6405-7882 / 640-7882
Email :learning @yahoo.com


Philippine School in Greece
64 Pontou Street, Ambelokipi, 11527
Athens, Greece
TN/FN: (30-210) 748-0825
E-mail Address :philschgr@yahoo.com


Al Danah International School
P.O. Box 58409, Riyadh 11594
TN: (9661) 473-9030
FN: (9661) 476-3718
E-mail Address: pazbea@hotmail.com
Al Shams International School
P.O. Box 87799, Riyadh 11524
TN: (9661)217-4383/217-4403
FN: (9661)217-4326

Al Taj International School
P.O. Box 85130, Riyadh 1169
TN: (9661)478-8237
FN: (9661)478-8237
E-mail Address: irene0012004@yahoo.com
Elite International School
Olaya District, P.O. Box 60949
Riyadh 11555
TN: (9661)462-7224
FN: (9661)462-4655
E-mail Address: totoi_delacruz@yahoo.com

Fawaq International Science School of the Philippines
No. 23 Prince Turki Bin Abdulaziz St. Ma’ather
District, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TN: 441-2220
FN: 212-0833
E-mail Address: fturki@orbitsatnet.com

Future Generation Philippine International School
Al-Baljourashi St. Suleimaniah District
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TN: (9661)465-6298
FN: (9661)465-4539
E-mail Address: fgpis.riyadh@gmail.com

International Philippine School in Riyadh
P.O. Box 94705, Riyadh 11614
TN: (9661) 454-5608
FN: (9661)454-5456/454-5156
E-mail Address: ipsr_ksa@yahoo.com

Millennium International School
P.O. Box 54746, Riyadh 11524
TN: (9661)478-9313/478-9720
FN: (9661)478-9470/291-8952
E-mail Address: abe_medes@yahoo.com

Nour Al-Maaref International School
P.O. Box 87754, Sulaimania Street
Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 11652
TN: (9661)477-8071/477-2580
FN: (9661)473-0161/477-2580
E-mail Address: nis_riyadh08@yahoo.com

Palm Crest International School
Suleimaniya Area, P.O. Box 64115
Riyadh 11536, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TN: (9661)464-2474; (96650)946-1802
FN: (9661)464-6608
E-mail Address: palm_crest@yahoo.com

Riyadh International School
P.O. Box 27586
Riyadh 11427, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TN: (9661)293-6019
FN: (9661)293-5895
E-mail Address: ris98ksa@yahoo.com

Second Philippine International School
P.O. Box 729
Riyadh 11372, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TN: (9661)217-1905
FN: (9661)465-4256
E-mail Address: ranthonymesina@yahoo.com

Al Hekma International School
P.O. Box 51477, Jeddah 21543
Mobile: (96650) 283-5538
E-mail Address: belsean@yahoo.com

Badr International School
Rayan St. Cor. Palestine St.
Musrefa District, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TN: (96650) 784-5313
FN: (96650) 215-1561
E-mail Address: bispcsa@yahoo.com

Gems Philippine International School
P.O. Box 51477, Jeddah
TN: (9662)674-8483
FN: (9662)674-8381
E-mail Address: vhingksaj@yahoo.com

International Philippine School in Jeddah
P.O. Box 112696, Jeddah 21671
TN: (9662)671-6458/671-6445
FN: (9662)671-6582
E-mail Address: aida_alcaraz17@yahoo.com

Pearl of the Orient International School
P.O. Box 34550
Jeddah 21478, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TN: (9662)667-3244
FN: (9662)664-5126

Philippine Sunrise International School
P.O. Box 56634,
Jeddah 21452, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TN; (9662)664-6369
FN: (9662)663-5718
E-mail Address: ophielaguardia@yahoo.com

Al Jazeera International School Dammam
P.O. Box 76240, Rakah, Al-Khobar 31952
TN: (9663) 858-0383 ext. 12/ 859-0677
FN: (9663) 859-0677/ 858-0383 ext. 19
E-mail Address: magtanel@yahoo.com

Al – Andalus International
P.O. Box 79307, Al-Khobar North
31952 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
TN: (9663)889-6634/894-1541
FN: (9663)889-2579
E-mail Address: dr_malagapo@yahoo.com

International Philippine School in Al-Khobar
P.O. Box 4839, Al-Khobar 3195
TN: (9663)889-1487
FN: (9663)899-3698/889-5805
E-mail Address: vc_punsalan@yahoo.com

Al Shorouq International School
P.O. Box 41, Al Hawiyah, Taif
TN: (9662)732-9494 loc. 209
FN: (9662)732-9191
E-mail Address: alrahmahtaif@yahoo.com

Philippine International School in Assir
Khamis Mushayt, Abha, KSA
TN: (966) 257-7676
E-mail Address: pisa-ksa@yahoo.com


The New Kuwait Phil. Int’l. School
Salmiya 22018, Kuwait
TN: (9652) 434-9148
FN: (9652) 434-9148/391-8510
E-mail Address: jcvp_25@yahoo.com

Philippine Int’l. English School
P.O. Box 7879
Fahahaeel, Kuwait
TN/FN: (9652) 392-2713
E-mail Address:philkuwschool@yahoo.com


Philippine Community School in Tripoli
P.O. Box 248, Tripoli, Libya
TN/FN: (218-21)711-6016
E-mail Address: philsch.tripoli@yahoo.com

Philippine Community School (Benghazi)
Hawari Village, Bengazi, Libya
TN: (218-91) 357-8522
FN: (218-61) 223-0137
E-mail Address: sarah_trabolsi2002@yahoo.com

Philippine Centennial Academy, International
New Shebna, Benghazi, Libya
TN: (218-91) 424-2352
FN: (218-91) 368-2545
E-mail Address: njosiegadrinab@yahoo.com


Philippine School
P. O. Box 563, P.C. 133
Al Khuwair, Sultanate of Oman
TN: (968)244-87223
FN: (968)244-86818
E-mail Addres: dagat0916@yahoo.com


Philippine School Doha
P. O. Box 19664, Doha
State of Qatar
TTN: (974) 418-1587, 436-4149
FN: (974)436-4150, 421-7718
E-mail Address: xanderacts@yahoo.com

Philippine Int’l. School in Qatar
Ain Khalid, P. O. Box 9875, Doha, Qatar
TN: (974) 602-5251
E-mail Address: phil_is_edu@qatar.net.qa


Philippine National School
P.O. Box 31874, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
TN: (9712) 641-9291/ 641-8747
FN: (9712)642-4852
E-mail Address: of_padilla@hotmail.com

Pioneers International Private School
P.O. Box 5043, Najda Street
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
TN: (9712)642-4622; (97150)828-2217
FN: (9712)642-6233
E-mail Address: PIPS@emirates.net.ae

PISCO Private School
P.O. Box 29317
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
TN: (9712)641-5761/6044
FN: (9712)641-5761
E-mail Address: gobaob@yahoo.com

Pioneers Modern School
P.O. Box 21866, Sharjah
United Arab Emirates
TN: (9716)564-0436, 567-1750
FN: (9716)564-2438
E-mail Address: Sabah61@hotmail.com

The New Filipino Private School
P.O. Box 6234
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
TN: (9716)566-1331 ; (97150)549-0757
FN: (9716)566-0570
E-mail Address: nfps_luzpcorpuz@yahoo.com

Far Eastern Private School
Industrial Area #12, P. O. Box 29047
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
TN: (9716) 538-9556
FN: (9716) 538-9556/57
E-mail Address: macaspacjocelyn@yahoo.com

United International Private School
P.O. Box 6081
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
TN: (9714) 254-3888
FN: (9714) 264-6850
E-mail Address: lizhenmae22@yahoo.com

The Philippine School
P.O. Box 126621, Al Twar 3
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
TN: (9714)254-4886
FN: (9714)254-4887
E-mail Address:info@thephilippineschool.com

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