Who are qualified under the Overseas Worker Program (OWP) of PhilHealth?

* Active landbased OFWs who underwent the normal process of registration as an OFW at POEA Offices
* OFWs who are currently abroad but are not yet registered with PhilHealth

Sea-based OFWs such as seafarers are considered locally employed members and not Overseas Worker members.

Registration procedures, documentary and premium requirements:

* Submit duly accomplished M1b Form or OFW Information Sheet (OIS) together with applicable documents for each qualified dependent declared.
* Also submit any of the following documents as proof of being an active OFW:
o Valid Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or E-receipt
o Valid overseas employment contract or certificate of employment
o Valid re-entry visa
o Valid job contract
* Pay the one-year premium of Php 900. For your convenience, premium payments covering the entire contract (equivalent to the number of years provided for in your contract) is highly encouraged.

Source: PhilHealth