1. Sino ang maaaring sumali sa Big Time Privileges?
Lahat ng remitters na nag-remit sa piling PNB Overseas Offices worldwide ay maaaring sumali sa programa. Kailangan mo lang i-enroll ang iyong Global Filipino Money Card (GFMC) sa Big Time Privileges program.

2. Saan makakakuha ng GFMC?
Maaaring mag-apply for a GFMC sa pinakamapalit na PNB Domestic Branch o Overseas Office.

3. Paano kung mayroon na akong GFMC?
Pumunta lang sa pinakamalapit na PNB Overseas Office at i-enroll ang iyong GFMC sa Big Time Privileges program.

4. Paano ba mag-enroll?
Ipakita lang ang iyong GFMC sa pinakamalapit na PNB Overseas Office at bahala na ang aming teller mag-update ng iyong profile.

5. Paano malalaman kung ilang points na ang na-ipon?
Mag-tanong lamang sa pinkamalapit na PNB office.

6. Paano mag-redeem ng items?
Pumunta sa pinakamalapit na PNB Overseas Office, mag-fill out ng Rewards Redemption form at ibigay sa aming teller upang mai-process.

7. Paano makakakuha ng free items at discounts?
Ipakita lang ang GFMC sa mga piling partner establishments at kaagad-agad kayong mabibigyan ng discount/free item.

Terms and Conditions

1. Definition of Terms

1. "Loyalty Card" refers to a Program Member’s Global Filipino Money Card (GFMC) enrolled in the Program.

2. "Eligible Remittance Transactions" refers to all remittance transactions coursed through any of the PNB Overseas Offices and which shall entitle the Program Member to earn Rewards Points under the Program. PNB shall provide a list of Eligible Remittance Transactions to the Program Member upon approval of his/her enrollment in the Program. PNB shall advise the Program Members of any change in the list of Eligible Remittance Transactions under the Program.

3. "Fast Track Redemption" refers to a Program Member’s redemption of Rewards Item through his/her accumulated Rewards Points and the payment of an equivalent amount of cash.

4. "PNB Domestic Branches" refers to PNB branches located in the Philippines.

5. "PNB Overseas Offices" refers to PNB’s overseas branches, sub-branches, limited purpose branches, representative offices, overseas congenerics and remittance centers authorized in their respective jurisdictions to participate in the Program.

6. "Program" refers to the Philippine National Bank (PNB) Big Time Privileges Program.

7. "Program Member" refers to a holder of a Loyalty Card.

8. "Rewards Catalog" refers to a catalog released by PNB to Program Members containing a list of Rewards Items for redemption using the Rewards Points.

9. "Rewards Items" refers to items which a Program Member may redeem using his/her accumulated Rewards Points.

10. "Rewards Points" refers to the points earned by a Program Member from any of the eligible transactions under the Program.

2. Eligibility and Participation

1. The Program is open to all holders of PNB’s GFMC who remit through any of the PNB Overseas Offices.

2. A GFMC holder who wishes to participate in the Program should enroll his/her GFMC in any of the PNB Overseas Offices. The GFMC enrolled by a remitter shall then be considered by PNB as the remitter’s Loyalty Card for purposes of point conversion and redemption.

3. In case a Program Member has more than one GFMC, he/she shall enroll only one GFMC to the Program. However, all Eligible Remittance Transactions to other GFMCs of a Program Member shall still earn Rewards Points which shall be credited to the Program Member’s Loyalty Card. For this purpose, a Program Member shall be required to indicate his/her Loyalty Card number in all of his/her Eligible Remittance Transactions with PNB.

3. Points Conversion

1. Program Members will earn three (3) Rewards Points for every Eligible Remittance Transaction, regardless of the amount.

2. Rewards shall expire three (3) years after they are earned. PNB reserves the right to change the expiry date of Rewards Points upon prior notice to the Program Members either by mail or through notices posted in PNB Overseas Offices.

3. Rewards points shall be updated on a daily basis. Program Members may check their credited or accumulated Rewards Points at any of the PNB Overseas Offices.

4. Redemption Procedure

1. The Rewards Catalog shall be available to Program Members in the different PNB Overseas Offices.

2. Program Members may use their Rewards Points to claim any Rewards Items listed in the Rewards Catalog within the validity date of the Rewards Catalog. Redemption of the Rewards Items shall depend on the availability of the Rewards Items and the accumulation of sufficient Rewards Points by Program Members.

3. Program Members based overseas may redeem Rewards Items in any of the PNB Overseas Offices by filling out the redemption forms and submitting it to the designated teller. Once a redemption request has been made by the Program Member and accepted by PNB, this may not be cancelled, revoked or changed by the Program Member. The Program Member shall be issued a receipt containing the details of the Program Member’s redemption. The receipt shall serve as proof of the Program Member’s redemption of a Rewards Item.

4. A request for redemption of Rewards Items authorizes PNB to furnish its suppliers, partners or agents with the necessary information to complete the redemption and delivery of the Rewards Item.

5. Fast Track Redemption shall be specified by appropriate entries in the rewards redemption form. The cash portion of the redemption shall be accepted by the PNB Overseas Offices as a remittance and shall be subject to remittance charges and corresponding Rewards Points.

5. Claiming or Delivery of Rewards Items

1. Rewards Items redeemed by a Program Member shall be delivered in the following manner:

1. Rewards Items that are available in the Philippines only shall be delivered by PNB free of charge to the intended recipient of the Program Member residing in the Philippines. However, for deliveries to non-serviceable areas identified by PNB, additional Rewards Points shall be deducted from a Program Member’s Loyalty Card to cover the cost of the delivery. The corresponding deductions shall be indicated in the receipt to be issued by the PNB Overseas Offices to the Program Members.

Deliveries to Metro Manila recipients shall be made within fifteen (15) calendar days from date of redemption. Deliveries to recipients in the provinces shall be made within twenty one (21) calendar days from date of redemption.

Rewards items to be delivered overseas shall be made within fifteen (15) calendar days and shall be subject to delivery charges and customs duties which may either be paid by the Program Member or deducted from his/her available Rewards Points. In case the Rewards Points are not sufficient to cover such charges, the same shall be paid in cash by the Program Member through the Overseas Offices where the redemption was made.

In case of failed delivery, the Bank or its authorized agent or courier shall attempt a second delivery to the intended recipient. After the 2nd failed delivery attempt, Program Members shall be notified to pay for delivery charges before a 3rd delivery attempt shall be made. After the 3rd failed delivery attempt, the redemption will be forfeited.

2. Rewards items that are available in PNB Overseas Offices shall be claimed by the Program Member from the said offices.

2. Authorized recipients should be specified in the rewards redemption form and must present a valid identification (ID) card (e.g. government-issued ID with owner’s picture or school ID for recipients of school-age) to receive the Rewards Item.

If the authorized recipient is not present, the recipient may authorize a representative to receive the Rewards Item. The authorized representative must present an authorization letter from the recipient, a valid ID of the recipient as well as the valid ID of the representative.

3. Program Members are advised not to accept Rewards Items delivered in an opened box. If upon delivery, a Rewards Item is defective or damaged, the recipient may request replacement of the same Rewards Item within twenty-four (24) hours from receipt of defective Rewards Item by calling (632)573-8888. If the notice exceeds the 24-hour limit, manufacturer’s/supplier’s warranty shall apply.

6. Redemption of PAL Mabuhay Miles

1. Program Members who are also members of the PAL Mabuhay Miles Program may convert their Rewards Points into Mabuhay Miles.

2. One (1) Rewards Point shall be equivalent to three (3) Mabuhay Miles. PNB reserves the right to change the conversion rate of Rewards Points to Mabuhay Miles.

3. Use of the Miles shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions of the Mabuhay Miles frequent flyer program. The Terms and Conditions are available online at www.mabuhaymiles.com. PNB assumes no responsibility for points transferred to client’s Mabuhay Miles account or for the action of PAL in connection with its frequent flyer program or otherwise.

7. Warranties and Disclaimers

1. PNB has taken reasonable care to ensure the availability of the Rewards Items during the validity period of the Rewards Catalog. In the event of unavailability of the Rewards Items after PNB’s acceptance of the redemption form, PNB and its suppliers shall automatically upgrade the Rewards Items under the same brand.

2. Rewards Items covered by warranties shall be subject to the conditions of such warranties. Program Members are advised to keep these for reference.

3. The use of gift certificates is subject to the terms and conditions of the merchant establishments issuing such certificates.

4. PNB and its suppliers and partner merchant establishments shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen Rewards Items after these have been released to the Program Members or their designated recipients.

5. All details of the Rewards Items contained in the Rewards Catalog are based on information provided by PNB’s suppliers and partner merchant establishments. PNB shall not be responsible for any discrepancy between the printed information and the actual product delivered to the Program Members.

6. Battery-operated items do not come with batteries.

7. Installation and/or service of Rewards items are not included in the Program and shall be for the Program Member’s account.

8. Taxes

1. All taxes that may be charged on the redemption of Rewards Items are for the Program Member’s account.

Source: www.pnb.com.ph