Sending money back home in the country is the primary obligation of our fellow OFWs as well OFs around the world to their respective families. To respond this need, there are some financial institutions in the country to assist this remittance need especially the Metrobank.

METROPOLITAN Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank), the country’s largest bank, has launched a new product that will make remittance collection much easier and more convenient for families of overseas Filipinos.

It is easy to use and sending money back home is very convenient when a sender uses this remittance service.  There are different Metrobank offices in different countries to assist you in opening an account.

The new Metrobank World Cash Card offers an alternative and innovative way to receive remittances, a breakthrough from the traditional over-the-counter remittance transactions in the bank or remittance centers.

The Metrobank World Cash Card is also an automated teller machine (ATM) card. With this card, a beneficiary can access remittance funds at over 700 Metrobank terminals or over 4,000 Bancnet, Megalink and ExpressNet terminals in the country. “The card is so convenient because one does not have to fall in line in our branches to get the remittance and getting remittances will not be limited to regular banking hours,” said Carmelita R. Araneta, head of Metrobank International Offices and Subsidiaries Group. The Metrobank World Cash Card can be used at over a million Cirrus-Maestro ATMs worldwide.

The card is free of charge so any prospective remitter or beneficiary can go to selected Metrobank branches and get one right away. “It’s best for the remitter to get the card before leaving the country. You can immediately give it to your beneficiary at no cost,” adds Araneta. On the other hand, for remitters who are already abroad, the card is initially available at the following selected Metrobank foreign branches and offices: Hongkong, Osaka, Pusan, Tokyo, and Seoul. In the Philippines, it is initially available at Metrobank FB Harrison and Timog branches.

The product can be useful in apportioning remittance funds. “You can have a separate card for school expenses and another for household needs,” declares Araneta. “Capitalizing on Metrobank’s size, stability, and global presence, the Metrobank World Cash Card is the most reliable and secure remittance card product in the market today,” adds Araneta.

Metrobank has a major share of the total remittance business owing to its remittance offices and partners abroad. The bank’s Superbilis Padala is one of the most known remittance service brands in the market and offers three types of remittances – Credit-to-Account, Over-the-Counter payment, and Door-to-Door Delivery.

Metrobank is the Philippines’ largest bank with consolidated assets of P635 billion as of September 2006. The bank has an extensive local network of over 550 branches. To date, Metrobank has 33 international branches and offices in Hongkong, Japan, Korea, Shanghai, Singapore, Taiwan, Americas, Guam, Canada, Austria, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

For more information on the Metrobank World Cash Card, please visit or call remittance hotline (632) 898-8000 loc. 3130.

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