OWWA - Overseas Workers Welfare Administration is a government agency under the Department of Labor and Employment designed to provide welfare services and programs.

OFWs who tirelessly spend their time to work abroad for the benefits of their family as well as helping uplift the Philippine economy is the primary recipient of this OFW ecard.

Because of its maximum benefits they provide, OWWA - OFW e-CARD is a timely response to give access in different OWWA programs, services and opportunities.

This OWWA e-card is designed to provide welfare services, scholarship grants for members and its beneficiaries, OWWA training programs.It is available free of charge to all returning OFWs with active OWWA membership, a valid (OEC) Overseas Employment Certificate and a valid Philippine passport. 

Our national government continues to find a way in establishig programs that could provide protection to our Kabababayans even they are away from home so that their family members will not be worried on what they might experience.

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