OWWA Commitment to OFWs is the pillar of this government institution. We all know  that every Filipino across the country has a family member or more relatives and even friends working abroad, constituting the so-called Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Well, it is not an unusual scenario in the Philippine society because of the fact that Filipinos are world-class skilled workers.

OWWA Commitment to OFWs

Photo Credit: Countrylogcabins

Due to their unquestionable contribution in the economy, the government has established agencies that would help and assist not only the OFWs but also their families living in the country.

One of the agencies is the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), which is under the supervision of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). “It is the lead membership welfare-institution that serves the interest and welfare of member-OFWs” (The OWWA). Thus, OWWA has a commitment in serving in OFWs’ favor.

One might wonder what the roles are being played by OWWA when it comes to the issues concerning the OFWs. Well, it is important to know how the agency works in helping and giving assistance to the OFWs and their families.

“OWWA develops and implements responsive programs and services while ensuring fund viability towards the protection of the interest of its member-OFWs”(The OWWA). OWWA seeks monetary contribution from among its member-OFWs as well as their employers, to be used in times of emergencies, such as forced repatriation due to war in the country they are working in.

It could also be used in giving financial assistance to the families of member-OFWs when the latter are unable to work due to accidents or even death.

In addition, “OWWA commits to a fund stewardship that is transparent, judicious and responsive to the requirement of the member-OFWs”(The OWWA). It makes sure that the money contributed by its member-OFWs is fair and rightfully distributed among themselves (and their families) in accordance to their needs as they are such.

Therefore, OWWA is an important government institution when it comes in helping and giving assistance, whether financially or in another way around, to its member-OFWs. It envisions protecting the lives of OFWs all over the world as well as their families living away from them for a long period of time. It also helps the OFWs when they are in trouble to keep their families in good conditions i.e. well-fed. Indeed, OWWA, per se, is an effective and helpful agency for its member-OFWs because of the benefits they could get from it as stated on the agency’s mission and vision.

Some of the ideas here are lifted from www.owwa.gov.ph. For those who have any additional concerns on this topic, utilize OWWA 24/7 Hotline.