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OWWA extends assistance for ex-OFWs’ children and OWWA will always continue to assist the welfare of their members by extending assistance program for ex-OFWs children. We all know that many Filipinos desire to improve their present socio-economic status.

They choose to work abroad in order to earn huge amount of money to finance the needs of their families in the country. However, not all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) find luck in the country they have worked in that’s why OWWA extends assistance to its members. Some of them have experienced maltreatment from their employers and cannot find another job there because both their passports and visas are on hold.

OWWA extends assistance for ex-OFWs’ children

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Others earn only enough money that needs to be divided into three: the money to be sent to their loved ones, their own expenses and their debts incurred while processing their working papers. As such, many OFWs go back to the country after their contracts end without any savings. Thus, their dream of become financially-stable remains a dream.

To help former OFWs and other poor families to raise again, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) and the Department of Social Works and Development (DSWD) have launched the Tuloy-Aral Project last December 2004. OWWA extends assistance for all former OFWs’ children. The project’s objective is to assist the children of less fortunate former OFWs as well as other poor and needy elementary and high school children.

The DOLE and the OWWA regional offices, with the assistance of DSWD, identify children of former OFWs needing financial assistance to send to school. The DSWD or DOLE/OWWA prepares a family profile that shall serve as the basis for the selection of the beneficiary.

The Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLOs) are tasked to promote and identify OFWs who are successful, financially stable and in good standing to act as prospective sponsoring parents. OFW organizations may also volunteer to act as sponsor parents.

Identified sponsoring parents are requested to provide a US$ 100.00 financial support per year to the child-beneficiary to enable him/her to continue his/her elementary or high school education. The amount of OWWA assitance will help cover for expenses such as books, school supplies, materials for projects, transportation, authorized school contributions, and allowance for the whole school year.

Sen. Bongbong Marcos meets with the OWWA, COA ...

Sen. Bongbong Marcos meets with the OWWA, COA officials (Photo credit: Bongbong Marcos)

The OWWA Family Welfare Officers monitor each child’s progress in school. The Tuloy-Aral project is nationwide in coverage as it is being replicated in each region of the country.

Through the cooperation of government agencies and more fortunate OFWs, the children of less fortunate former OFWs and other poor families can continue their studies up to the secondary level. Afterwards, they can seek other scholarship programs to finance their studies and finish either a bachelor’s or vocational degree. They can also opt to work in the country or abroad and hope for a better experience there. Truly, cooperation among Filipinos can be a great key to eradicate poverty as well as illiteracy in the country towards national development.

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