Former OFWs Get OWWA repatriation, reintegration programs and consider to start a business

OWWA has diverse programs to assist its members in promoting their welfare while working outside the country or have decided to stay the country for good. OWWA offers repatriation, reintegration programs for ex-OFWs in response of OWWA’s mission and vision.

OWWA repatriation

OWWA offers repatriation, reintegration programs for ex-OFWs Source: EXPATCH

Many OFWs find prosperity in foreign lands, others go home in the country, either because of emergency or distress.

As they go back, they don’t have enough savings to undertake and try other opportunities. Well, if you are one of them and an OWWA member, you don’t need to worry anymore. As an OWWA member, you could avail the official OWWA assistance, which is exclusive for those who return to the Philippines in a situation of emergency or distress.

This Repatriation Program is open for OWWA members who are distressed OFWs or those who are victims of maltreatment from their foreign employers; medically-ill OFWs who have either serious illnesses or those who are victims of work-related accidents; human remains, etc. It provides provision of services to facilitate immediate repatriation through airport assistance, domestic transport, temporary shelter, and other necessary means. Upon availing this program, OFWs who wish to go home will be in the Philippines as soon as possible.

Reintegration Program

Aside from repatriation program, OWWA members may also avail the Reintegration Program. It covers not only economic component but psycho-social component as well. These components would help relieve somehow those OFWs who went home unexpectedly. By providing this two-fold service, OWWA envisions helping its members.

OriginalBME – mga OFWs negosyante na dahil sa OWWA Re-integration

OWWA members may use these financial and skills training assistance in venturing small-scale businesses

The economic component includes social preparation programs for livelihood projects or community-based income generating projects, skills training and credit facilitation and lending. At present, the economic component has two (2) loan programs: the OWWA-NLSF Livelihood Development Programs for OFWs (LDPO) and the OFW Groceria Project.

On the other hand, the psycho-social components incorporates community organizing program or organizing of OFW family circles and services like social counseling, family counseling, stress debriefing, and training on capacity building, value formation, etc. This program aims to strengthen the morals of previous OFWs to enable them not to lose hope amidst what have had happened to them.

Lastly, there is also a program for all displaced and distressed overseas filipino workers who have the opportunity to get a starter kit worth of 7,500 pesos and a livelihood assisstance worth of Php 10,000 .

To avail this program, find time to get in touch OWWA Official Hotline for more details about this Repatriation Program.

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