OWWA Scholarship Program connects OFWs in providing information about this scholarship program.

There are few individuals who questioned the legitimacy of the scholarship program due to the information they get which is not reliable. Because of this, dependable OWWA Scholarship Goals are designed to give clear awareness about these scholarship benefits for OFW dependents.

OWWA Scholarship Program

OWWA Scholarship Program

Listed below are the OWWA Scholarship Program Goals:

1. Offer a chance to financially poor but excellent individuals, to obtain a baccalaureate training or associate diploma and serve in local community advancement;

2. Develop the amount of beneficiaries in every part of the country;

3. Expand plan scheme towards the regional areas.

However, such OWWA college scholarship award is ideal for every recipient who definitely are:

a. Legitimate dependent of an OWWA current member who has a current wage of US$400.00 or less than the said amount. This could get affirmed with the confirmed employment contract, overseas employment certificate or OWWA OFW member verification sheet.

20060312-MSP in Taichung-08

20060312-MSP in Taichung-08 (Photo credit: Lennon Ying-Dah Wong)

In terms of this scholarship program, a proactive member is going to be checked as legitimate OWWA-registered member with a valid membership in the course of application or whose membership had ended for not more than six-months.

b. Each OWWA current member is qualified for one beneficiary scholar.

c. OFW married couples who definitely are entitled to the program and will likely be eligible to just one single scholarship grant.

d. Qualified OFWs who are former recipients of the EDSP and the CMWSP, will no longer be eligible through the OFWDSP; natural or adopted children of married OFWs or single OFWs.

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Here are deemed to be OFW legitimate dependents:

1. Natural or adopted children of single or married OFWs.

2. Half or full-blood siblings of single or childless married OFW members.

Requirements of Legitimate dependent

1. Single, not more than Twenty-one, in the course of application.

2. Senior high school graduate or going to complete senior high school, or currently enrolled in college.

3. Need to meet the qualifying or entrance assessment executed by an OWWA-partner state college or university in the country.

4. CHED recognised and licensed educational institution situated in the region or provincial areas.

Lastly, documentary requirements for application include the following:

1.    Accomplished application form

2.    Two copies 2×2 pictures (studio shot/white background) of the applicant

3.    Proof of relationship to the OWWA member

–       NSO Birth certificate of applicant, if he/she is the child of an OFW;

–      NSO Birth certificate of applicant and OFW, if applicant is the sibling of the unmarried OFW (additional requirement of the Certificate of No-marriage for the single OFW)

4.    Proof of active OWWA membership (OWWA receipt or record)

5.    Form 137/High school report card

6.    Copy of the OFW’s contract

7.    Proof of enrollment in a state college / university

Every grantee should certainly be eligible to avail privileges under this scholarship program. This is the whole out put of the dependable OWWA scholarship program goals. OWWA provides programs that will surely benefit to all OWWA members.

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