It is necessary to know the standard procedure for the Issuance of Certification, Authentication and Verification (CAV) of Transcript and Diploma before the applicants will proceed to the CHED office. Looking for this government service is part of the quest of some individuals who are planning to find better jobs in the country as well as responding the demand of global service especially for competent professionals. To lead you this CHED CAV service, below are the procedures:

1. Any individual who is applying for CHED Authentication and Verification should submit his/her application to the Office of the Registrar of the Higher Education Institution where he/she graduated by using the official and prescribed form of the CHED CAV-- CAV Request Letter together with the original copy of the documents to be authenticated or verified and other supporting documents. Complete documents should be included and attached in the CAV Request Letter to avoid delay and pending of the application.

2. The Registrar of the Higher Education Institution will certify to the authenticity of the documents using the prescribed Endorsement Form and will forward the same to the Commission on Higher Education Regional Office where the university or college of the applicant was located in the jurisdiction of the CHEDRO.

3. Applicant may opt to pay his/her processing fee on the authentication service to the Office of the Registrar or School Liaison Officer to the CHEDRO cashier. To get exact details on this processing fee procedure, ask the school registrar about the standard fees impose by the CHEDRO cashier.

4. The CHEDRO processes the application for CAV and releases the Certificate to the Registrar or School Liaison Officer within five working days after receiving the application

5. The Registrar releases the CAV to the applicant.

This government service on the procedure for the issuance of Certification, Authentication and Verification of Transcript of Records, Diploma and Special Order is part of the major requirement that is being asked by the DFA Authentication Division to verify the authenticity of the official tertiary documents.


Common steps on how to process CHED Accreditation of Degrees Earned Abroad are being presented below to give you 
pertinent information before you will take an action

CHED CAV clients who are college students and graduates through the Higher Education Institution representative or individual college student and graduate could process this service in different Commission of Higher Education regional centers across the country

Certification, Authentication and Verification of the Commission on Higher Education is a service to chec and verify tertiary documents of every individual who is planning to work abroad. CHED will issue official certificate after transcript of records and diploma are being authenticated and verified

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