Planning to have your own dream house through Pag-IBIG is easy and accessible.Learn how to scout for your family's dream house even when you are miles away from home through  Pag-IBIG Home Matching Program for OFWs.

The Home Matching Program is open to  Pag-IBIG Overseas Program members abroad as well as to Filipino immigrants and those naturalized in other countries.

The program is designed to provide information on available housing units in the Philippines that will match your financial capability and preferences.

Lists and photos of housing projects available locally will be posted on the user-friendly webpage of this government agency. To assist you this concern, you can ask your nearest Pag-IBIG office for further information.

Pag-IBIG Offices continue to reach out and assist interested members who are serious to acquire their dream house. They provide seminars and lectures to fully understand the concept of this housing program.


 Pag-IBIG Overseas Program is entirely different from Pag-IBIG I. POP was a voluntary savings scheme for Filipinos abroad while membership under Pag-IBIG I is mandatory for Filipinos working abroad by virtue of RA 9679.

Sa ilalim ng Republic Act 9679 o ang “ Home Development Mutual Fund Law of 2009,” mandatory ang pagpaparehistro ng lahat ng overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) sa Pag-IBIG Fund bilang miyembro.

It is practical for every worker to save at least ten percent of salaries and it is also important that every worker could backup funds ready in times of emergencies and provide if they need something in the future. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) can also save some part of their salaries for future needs.

Preparing for the future is one of the priorities of our fellow kababayans who are working abroad. Pag-IBIG Mandatory Membership is a solid response to this need. 

Pag-IBIG Overseas Program is part of the goal of the government to reach out and give opportunity to our fellow Kababayans who are working abroad in providing affordable housing loans through this POP Program. There are some offices abroad and willing to assist your queiries regarding this program.

This is a savings program intended for overseas Filipino, immigrants and permanent resident as well as seafarers who are interested to avail the savings program named as POP- Pag-IBIG Overseas Program. It is an investment scheme where you can save for your future and have an opportunity to avail the housing program.

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