Many people suffered this major problem in the country especially to our aspiring Filipino workers who strive hard to work abroad. The national government recognized this and made a strict law to punish the illegal recruiters. 

The given laws stated the penalty:

1.     1. Any person found guilty of illegal recruitment shall suffer the penalty of imprisonment of not less than six (6) years and one (1) day but not more than twelve (12) years and a fine not less than two hundred thousand pesos (P200,000.00) nor more than five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00).

2.     2. The penalty of life imprisonment and a fine of not less than five hundred thousand pesos (P500,000.00) nor more than one million pesos (P1,000,000.00) shall be imposed if illegal recruitment constitutes economic sabotage as defined herein.
 Provided, however, that the maximum penalty shall be imposed if the person illegally recruited is less than eighteen (18) years of age or committed by a non-licensee or non-holder of authority.

We are hoping that this will be implemented in the labor office so that Filipino people have a strong shield against the illegal recruiters.