The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration keeps reminding the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to comply with the OWWA loan requirements. This is in response to various complaints that the agency receives everyday from many OFWs whose loan requests were denied due to submission of incomplete requirements.  Some OFWs even put blame on the OWWA officers-in-charge because of the latter’s alleged inefficiency. On the other hand, the OWWA administrator warns those OFWs not to be rude at their employees. OFWs just need to do is just follow the rules or otherwise, their loan applications will not be processed because of their discourteousness.

It is true that OWWA is currently processing a lot of OFW loan applications. However, the agency’s administrator told the OFW that they should stay calm since all there applications will be processed. As a matter of fact, the agency has recruited additional employees to facilitate the processing of not only loan requests but also other applications for various benefits and services programs which are also continuously being provided by the agency. In the meantime, OFWs are requested to visit any OWWA satellite and regional branches or check out the agency’s website to have knowledge regarding the OWWA loan requirements.

Furthermore, OWWA has reiterated that all OFWs are welcome to borrow money from the agency as long as they meet the OWWA loan requirements. OFWs really need to comply with these requirements to avoid any stoppage when their applications are being processed. Moreover, these requirements also demonstrate that they are truly serious in starting their own business enterprises in the country. Some of the requirements are also essential in determining the profitability of the businesses they are proposing in their applications. There is a high chance that their loan requests will be approved when they followed the OWWA loan requirements.

As such, before they submit their applications in different loan programs, OFWs must be acquainted with the OWWA loan requirements. This is in order for them to fully enjoy all the programs being offered by OWWA with financial back up from the national government and non-government organizations (NGOs). All these programs are aligned with the agency’s twofold mission of taking care of the OFWs as well as their respective families through promoting the latter’s wellbeing and interest while they work abroad. Moreover, these benefits and services programs have also sets of requirements that are somehow different from OWWA loan requirements.