Benefits of GCASH Remit
Benefits of GCASH Remit

Globe Telecom finds another business opportunity in catering the remittance need of overseas Filipino who regularly sends money back home in the country. It is one of the most convenient micropayment services that transform a mobile phone into a wallet. OFWs could avail this service and will surely give the hard earned money to their family.


GCASH REMIT is the instant cash-pick up service of Globe Telecom, which allows you to send money locally or send remittances from abroad and have it picked up from any location in the Philippines.

GCASH REMIT offers a fast, affordable, and secure remittance service, guaranteed by Globe. Your beneficiaries will also enjoy the following:

1. Free text advisory as soon as remittance is sent
2.No service charge when claiming the remittance2
3.Easy access to thousands of pick-up locations including:

a.Globe Stores
B.Rural Banks
d.Globe Load Distributors

Beneficiary can pick-up the remittance at any accredited GCASH REMIT local outlet

The beneficiary can pick-up the remittance at any accredited GCASH REMIT local outlet. Recipients who are not Globe or TM subscribers can still claim the remittance. Globe and TM subscribers instantly receive a text alert when money has been sent.

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