Learn English for OFWs

All you need is an Email or Postal address where the institute can send the lessons. Each grammar lesson is illustrated with reading assignments.


Basic Course

• 21 Free lessons
• Earn a certificate upon completion
• Read and listen to English at the same time (computer with sound capability required)

Advanced Course

• 27 Free lessons
• Lessons help you prepare for the TOEFL Exam
• Earn a certificate upon completion

You will have your own teacher.

Who are the teachers?

All WEI teachers are native English speakers. They will help you learn the details of forming better sounding and grammatically correct sentences.

How do the email courses work?

Free introductory lesson

After you register using your email address, you will receive a free introductory lesson. Reply to your introductory lesson with your answers. After we receive your answers you will be matched with your own personal English tutor. At this time, you will receive any corrections for your introductory lessons along with the first full English lessons. Your tutor will be your contact person and will grade your tests as well as send you new tests.

What if I don’t have an email address?

In this case you have two options – 1) Sign up for free email from any of many free email providers like Yahoo! or Hotmail. 2) Sign up for our postal mail courses. You will receive English lessons via postal mail and will also be matched with your own personal English tutor.

Will these lessons help me prepare for the TOEFL examination?

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Yes, World English Institute courses are designed specifically to help students improve their English skills with the TOEFL examination in mind.

How long do the lessons take to complete?

English skill level

This depends on your current English skill level. For some, each lesson will not take more than one hour. For others, the lessons could take several hours.

Will these courses fit my schedule?

Yes. Complete each test at your convenience. We encourage you to work hard and complete the tests in timely manner, but there is no deadline for completing each test.

Sign up now for free.

This is absolutely free. No financial obligation.

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