How to Loan in OWWA

More and more Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) from different parts of the world have been asking how to loan in OWWA or the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. Most of them really need additional money in order to help out their respective families and dependents living in the Philippines.

OWWA Loan - OFW - Overseseas Filipino Workers

Likewise, some OFWs want to borrow money which will serve as their starting capital in establishing or expanding their own business enterprises in the country. Thus, the loan programs being offered by OWWA will surely assist the OFWs in their financial needs provided that the latter must comply with the agency’s requirements.

Since its inception in the 1980s, OWWA serves as the government’s primary institution in assisting millions of OFWs who chose to work outside the country not just to become rich themselves but also to help their individual families. Some OFWs, especially those who are still single, even help their nieces, nephews, and cousins in pursuing their bachelor’s degrees. 

Not only do OFWs help their families and relatives but also the country’s overall economy through their remittances. Because of their priceless contribution, OWW has decided to offer various loan programs for OFWs. The latter should know how to loan in OWWA.

OWWA branch in different regions across the country

Before going to any OWWA branch located in different regions across the country, the OFWs should really have a prior knowledge as to how to loan in OWWA. This is to avoid wasting so much time in inquiring about these loan programs and how they may avail them. 

This is also to help the OFWs to prepare necessary documents that are needed in order for their application papers to be processed as fast as possible. Thus, it is really a must for OFWs as well as their dependent families to have right background information on how to loan in OWWA.

OWWA website on how to loan

OFWs may also check out the website of the agency in order to know how to loan in OWWA. Since the government wants all OFWs to be accommodated, OWWA listed very easy steps to avail these loan programs. All they need to do is to submit their application forms along with the necessary documents. 

Compliance with these required documents (i.e. feasibility study, latest statement of assets and liabilities, etc.) is a must in order for their loan requests not to be denied. The agency’s website also contains other important updates for OFWs aside from knowing how to loan in OWWA

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