An OFW Success Story – A Filipino Nurse in Canada

OFW Success Story – An Inspiration for all Filipino Workers Abroad. We gather various inspirational  real life stories of our Kababyans across the world since our website had started.

It is not to lose hope but to keep OFWs believe that a promising future holds true to those who persevere. One of the OFWs who shared their OFW success stories is Alexandrea Castillojos, a Filipino nurse now based in Manitoba, Canada. Let’s hear her story. 

OFW success story
A Filipino Nurse in Manitoba Canada

Right after passing the licensure exam for nurses, I was clueless about which path to take as I was only a fresh graduate at that time. I was considering working as a nurse in a public hospital in the city next to our house. However, when I expressed my plan to my parents, I have seen the dismay drawn on their faces. I would not have understood their facial gestures until my mother told me to help with the finances of our family. At that time, my younger brother was about to enter college while our youngest sister was an incoming third year high school student.

It was in 2008 when fresh graduate nurses were still in demand abroad. Luckily, my father had a high school classmate, Tita Lydia, who worked as a nurse staff in Canada. It took six months of processing papers as well as undergoing relevant training until I was able to go to Canada in the hope of a brighter future not only for myself but most importantly, for my family back in the Philippines.

My post-graduate diploma in Canadian nursing

To my surprise, I had to take a two-year post-graduate diploma in Canadian nursing. Tita Lydia told me that I can still work as a nursing assistant in the company where she worked while taking the required course for me to become a registered nurse. I am truly indebted to Tita Lydia because she never left me in the process. She always assisted me, financially or otherwise. Little by little, I was able to send money to my parents and siblings back in the Philippines. I also encouraged my parents to start a sari-sari store so that they can have an extra source of income. Of course, I do not also forget my relatives who helped and supported me and my family when I was still studying. 

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After two years, I finally earned the post-graduate diploma. I have been a registered nurse in a community hospital here in Manitoba, Canada. My journey in becoming successful is relatively smoother as compared to others but I also faced many struggles, many of which almost broke my heart. However, I am thankful for the support system that I have and that includes my parents, siblings, and Tita Lydia who became my instant best friend here abroad. I believe that these struggles give meaning to the success that I have now. I have not reached this far had it not for the experiences, both good and bad, that taught me many lessons in work and life. Thus, for my kababayans out there, especially OFWs, kapit lang. Ang mga challenge ay lilipas din. Trust the process lang and believe in yourself.

Sandra has just started her own training agency

At present, Sandra has just started her own training agency for nursing assistants in Manitoba, Canada. We thank her for sharing her story without any hesitancy. We hope that you have been inspired by her OFW success story. Like what Sandra said, kapit lang, kabayan!

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