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OWWA Benefits Information Site was started mid- August in 2012 when our circle, composed of both young and middle-aged Filipinos working in Riyadh and nearby areas, had our quarterly get-together while indulging ourselves with Filipino food that some of us have prepared. Of course,  in the spirit of pakikisama which we brought from the Philippines, the rest have also chipped snacks and drinks in.

owwa benefits site - about us
OWWA Benefits Site – About us

Though simple as it may sound to others, gatherings such as this became our relief and source of support system for us to continue facing the challenges that living and working abroad bring.

In the midst of our conversation, one of our friends from the Philippine Embassy shared to us the various OWWA benefits that we can avail of once we become members. Most of us were actually clueless about these benefits since there was little information regarding the matter in the internet back then. Moreover, we were sure that a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers who might have availed of these benefits had they known what these benefits are and how to avail of them.

Bringing OWWA benefits closer

It was the youngest guy among us who came up with an idea of bringing OWWA benefits closer to OFWs like us.  At first, many of us were hesitant considering that we were just groping with the new environment that we were in at that time. Moreover, not all of us were techny-savvy, let alone the fact that we were more accustomed with our keypad phones back then. After several exchanges and weighing in pros and cons, we finally decided to give it a try as we knew that we would be helping a lot of OFWs in different countries across the globe.

And then voila, a blog was created featuring various written articles regarding OFWs abroad and the different benefits they can avail of from OWWA. To be honest, it was challenging on our part as this requires time for us to really research on different OWWA benefits available for members to provide our readers with adequate information about these benefits. However, despite this, we find fulfillment here as we are able to help tens of thousands of ourkababayans and their loved ones back in the Philippines. We have also forged friendships and bonds through online exchanges with our readers.

Eight years have already passed yet we are still committed to giving our OFWs abroad  updates about OWWA benefits and how to avail these of. In fact, we receive various email messages from our dear readers since the site gained its popularity among different circles of OFWS from different parts of the world. Even our family members, distant relatives, and friends have inquired about the different OWWA benefits they can avail of considering that some of them had only learned about these benefits upon reading through our articles. Our website has indeed succeeded in bringing OWWA closer to millions of OFWs worldwide but it also forged and reignited bonds between and among OFWS.

Yet just like any other success story, OWWA Benefits website’s is not without undergoing trials. This is even truer when some contributors have been buried into their works that they were not able to communicate with us. Other contributors and writers have also gone their own ways. However, these challenges proved miniscule compared to the growing need of our OFWs for more accurate and reliable information regarding OWWA benefits and other programs that the agency offers to its member-OFWs.

OWWA Benefits

OFWs who need different OWWA programs and benefits

On the other hand, this site is in no way connected with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration. Neither the writers nor contributors are part of said government agency. Furthermore, this site does not, in any means or forms, solicit any monetary amount from anyone as its only aim is to be of help to all OFWs who need reliable information about different OWWA programs and benefits. Should you intend to avail of these benefits, you are advised to communicate, coordinate, and transact directly with authorized OWWA personnel only. The writers nor contributors are in no way liable for any damage or loss obtained by our readers upon visiting this site.

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