OWWA Benefits Requirement Download
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A lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) all around the globe have been asking about the OWWA Benefits Requirement Download. They really believe that obtaining credible information regarding the various requirements needed before going to the agency would save their precious time as they will avoid waiting in long lines. 
Aside from that, they may also save up their hard-earned money through bringing all of the requirements before they submit their respective application papers. In return, their requests will be carefully assessed by authorized personnel to make sure that the OFWs qualify for the benefit programs being offered by OWWA.

OWWA provides a wide array of benefit programs

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration was established in late 1970s under the administration of President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. The primary purpose of its inception is to be the government’s instrument in uplifting the welfare as well as the interests of millions of OFWs who really work hard outside the country so as to provide a better life for their loved ones living in the Philippines. In addition, OWWA also provides a wide array of benefit programs that truly help the OFWs wherever they are. As such, it is no wonder why many of them search for OWWA Benefits Requirement Download.

 A Certificate of Membership (COM) which has been issued by the agency’s membership processing team is one among the OWWA Benefits Requirement Download. This will attest the OFW-applicant that he or she is a bona fide OWWA member after paying the standard membership fee which is around $25. Aside from that, the OFW-applicant should already have contributed to the agency’s fund through paying the monthly dues regularly, especially when they presently work abroad. The COM will surely qualify any OFW in availing various benefits programs but he or she also needs to comply with the other OWWA Benefits Requirement Download.


OWWA Benefits

Even legitimate beneficiaries and/or dependents of OFWs may also avail the benefit programs provided that they meet the OWWA Benefits Requirement Download. This is valid especially when availing either of the following: (a) disability and dismemberment, (b) death, and (c) burial benefits, all are due to work-related accidents. 

Needless to say, OFWs who had enrolled in the agency are guaranteed fast assistance especially in times of emergencies. On the other hand, note that joining in OWWA is not compulsory yet non-member OFWs will just miss the advantages that they may receive when they have completed the OWWA Benefits Requirement Download.
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