OWWA – Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ’s mandates

OWWA – Overseas Workers Welfare Administration ’s mandates – Created in late 1970s as a response to the growing population of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) is mandated by the government to look after the welfare of millions of OFWs working around the world.


OWWA’s mandates – Photo credits to the rightful owner.
This is to pay forward the hardships and sacrifices endured by OFWs so as to provide a comfortable living for their loved ones in the Philippines. As such, the government makes sure that OFWs are really taken care of by OWWA along with other related agencies such as the Department of Labor and Employment to which OWWA is currently attached.
One of the mandates of the agency is to carry out various OWWA Services Programs to needy yet deserving OFWs. Through these programs, OFWs can avail legal assistance particularly in dealing with their foreign employers. OWWA serves as the last resort of most OFWs who have been abused by their employers. 

OFWs are also given a series of social and psychological counseling from expert psychologists so as to lessen their stresses and to relieve them from the trauma they got from their previous experiences. They may also avail the free trainings given by OWWA to enhance their knowledge and skills.

OWWA Services Programs

Still part of OWWA Services Programs is the pre-departure seminar given to OFWs in order for them to have adequate background on the country they will be working in for more or less three years. Through this seminar, OFWs can learn foreign languages to be able for them to communicate with their employers once they are working outside the country. 

Another mandate of OWWA is to back up the OFWs whenever they plan to build up their own local businesses. This is done through the agency’s various loan programs which give initial capital to OFWs who want to become entrepreneurs.
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Loan programs for qualified OFWs

On the other hand, these loan programs may be availed by qualified OFWs provided that they have met the requirements set by the agency. These requirements include a variety of pertinent documents that are deemed necessary in order for the agency to evaluate whether the proposed businesses of OFWs are viable and can really produce reasonable profit. 

OFWs may check out the website of the agency for the complete list of requirements. They can also forward their concerns to OWWA representatives in different regional and satellite offices. They can also go to OWWA’s main center located in Pasay, Metro Manila.

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