OWWA Membership

OWWA Membership is a tool to avail major programs and services offered by our welfare agency in giving them protection and benefits while working outside the country.



Our national government is serious enough to reach out our fellow kababayans who are at risk. Because of this OWWA Membership, members are protected and benefited initiated from the umbrella of the Department of Labor and Employment.
The OWWA is a membership institution. As such, its programs, projects and services are geared towards safeguarding and promoting the welfare and interests of its members.

OWWA member is entitled to various benefits and services

For a US$25.00 membership contribution, an OWWA member is entitled to various benefits and services. Membership in OWWA may be obtained in two ways:
1. By enrollment upon processing of contract at the POEA; and
2. By voluntary registration of a would-be member at job sites overseas.
OWWA membership, either through the compulsory or voluntary coverages, shall be effective upon payment of membership contribution, until expiration of the employment contract.
Voluntary membership
In case of voluntary members who register on-site, membership shall not exceed two (2) years.

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Membership shall be renewed upon payment of contribution on contract renewal / issuance of new contract. In the case of voluntary membership, coverage shall be renewed upon payment of contribution.
Proof of membership
The names of all OWWA members are maintained by the OWWA and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) in a database which is updated regularly. Members are issued an Official Receipt upon payment of contribution. They shall likewise be issued an OWWA e-Card.
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