OWWA – Overseas Workers Welfare Administration supports financial aid

OWWA – Overseas Workers Welfare Administration: to look after the Overseas Filipino Workers all over the world providing support and financial aid.

OWWA ensures that the welfare of the OFWs are being monitored and secured, as much as possible they surely help OFWs who needs help. Insurance and health care benefits are offered. Many services and benefits are being offered for members of OWWA as they can avail it before, during and after. 

OWWA offers different programs one of those is the Welfare Assistance Program (WAP) – This is a financial assistance program that can be avail to the active and inactive OWWA members that is not registered to any of the Social Benefits Programs, this also is applicable for their dependents. Under the Welfare Assistance Program (WAP) are Calamity, Medical, Relief and Bereavement Assistance, Those are the covered programs under the WAP. 

Kyla who applied herself into OWWA to make most out of her membership. She went to Canada to work as a food attendant she manages stock foods for the restaurant and worked as a food counter also, for 8-10 hours a day. Focuses on her work to be able to buy a lot and build her own house. Things were not easy but working abroad is a chance given so wasting it was not an option. Knowing that OWWA fully supports her and any instances that could be a hindrance can be covered by OWWA.

OWWA Financial Relief

Kyla said that “Mabubuhay ka basta maging matipid ka, mag focus lang syempre sa goal kaya in 3 months nakabili ako ng lupa” as she values her salary and sends it right away in the Philippines. On January she suffered an accident which was later she called OWWA for this. “Nahirapan ako magtrabaho nangdahil don, inisip ko talaga kung paano pero tinulungan ako ng OWWA nagbigay sila ng Medical Assistance dahil di cover ng MEDplus program koi yon.” 

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She took her leave for a while after applying for the benefits offered by OWWA. Financial assistance was also offered. But after then she got her work again and continued it, saving her earnings and slowly making it up. OWWA would always have their back at the end of the day, as OWWA recognizes the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) as modern heroes on the country. And being their support system is what they can do to offer help and assistance for them and for the beneficiaries. 

Ikaw ba ay isang Overseas Filipino Workers o ex OFWs?

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