OWWA Philippines Loan Requirements

OWWA Philippines Loan Requirements provide guidelines on how to start preparing a loan at Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, a welfare  agency under the DOLE .


Borrowing money from the government has never been easy after I complied with all the OWWA Philippines Loan Requirements. It really helped me a lot in recuperating my finances since the moment I decided to start a small business enterprise here in our country. To tell you honestly, I was reluctant at first to the idea of becoming a young entrepreneur considering the fact that I had no business experience before. There were also a lot of ‘what ifs’ which really held me back for a long time until a friend of mine introduced me to OWWA Philippines Loan Requirements.
Like many other Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), I really want to meet the needs of my family. In fact, aside from working as a pharmacist in Canada for seven years, I also had several part-time jobs during my free time so as to augment the money which I sent every month. However, as much as I want to earn abundant money, I cannot afford to be away from my parents and siblings for a long period of time. 
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That was when I decided to return in the country and venture into business through availing the Collateral Loan Window which is under the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration-National Livelihood Support Fund (OWWA-NLSF) Livelihood and Development Program.

OWWA Philippines Loan Requirements

Among the OWWA Philippines Loan Requirements that I submitted to the agency’s regional office in our province were the following: accomplished OWWA loan application form with 2×2 photo; employment certificated attested by POEA (as a proof of my OWWA contribution); business plan with the sketch of my business location; and business permit which I processed in our city hall. I also submitted a photocopy of our land title which served as my collateral. However, other supporting documents may be required by an OWWA representative who will process and approve your loan application provided that you have complied with all the OWWA Philippines Loan Requirements.




Proud ex-OFW entrepreneur in La Union

As of now, I am a proud ex-OFW entrepreneur here in La Union. This would not be possible without the generous help of OWWA which granted me PHP 150,000.00 in less than two months after I submitted all the OWWA Philippines Loan Requirements. I am sharing to you my story for you to be inspired and build a business here in the country.


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