OWWA – Repatriation Assistance Program For distressed OFWs.

OWWA – Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Repatriation Assistance Program For distressed OFWs.

In cases of emergency the “Emergency Repatriation Fund” Is offered for OFWs for unexpected events. Overseas Filipino Workers may request an Emergency Repatriation if he/she needs to go back to the Philippines. This program is required by the Law as to have an emergency fund when in need. Any calamities or disaster made, war, outbreaks and any similar incidents that could occur can be covered by the emergency repatriation program.

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OWWA Repatriation Assistance Program

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration Repatriation Assistance Program which means that the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) will be returned to his/her country to have their assistance program with the help of the Local Government Units (LGUs). Under this program are the benefits: Airport assistance, arrival, food, accommodation and any therapy needed also the transportation are provided. Any distressed OFWs will receive financial support due to OWWA Repatriation Program.

One of our kababayan named Mark works in Saudi Arabia had trouble while working there, well a lot of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) had trouble just as same with Mark as the pandemic started. Way back March as the kingdom announced its suspension of domestic and International travel and as the pandemic continues he has been stuck for months and needed to go home as he have his saving already. He said “Hindi madali kasi ilang months ginastos ko din pera ko at that time para masurvive kasi some of our operations eh were cancelled as to prevent any contact with anyone” A lot of works were reduced, pay outs were deducted and some lost their jobs. It was because of the COVID-19 pandemic has spread out and things didn’t go easy for OFWs in abroad as flights were banned travels were restricted. Mark has applied for the Repatriation Assistance Program as he loses his job and spent his savings to survive at that time being since months have passed already. The Repatriation Assistance Program a financial aid for emergency that can be used by the OFWs who needs it. “Nauubos na paunti-onti yung savings ko nahirapan na ako that time, kala ko eh di na ako makakaron ng chance kasi wala eh” But after that as he got the Repatriation Assistance Program OWWA managed to get him flights after the travel banned was lifted. “I didn’t expect na yung pagiging member ko noon eh magagamit ko in real life situation”


On the latter part being part of OWWA would do much greater than you think, benefits and assistance will be given at times of emergency. Mostly this times as the pandemic strikes and things were cancelled off, OWWA still is functioning.

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