How OFWs May Benefit from OWWA Reintegration, Repatriation Programs

OWWA Reintegration, Repatriation Programs could benefit to all OFWs who are in need of welfare assistance. Working outside the country is really a challenge to many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

Not only do they endure being away from their loved ones in the Philippines but they also need to work as hard as possible in order to meet the needs of their families.

On the other hand, some OFWs went back in the country without savings because of grave mistreatment they had suffered from their employers while others came back due to serious illnesses. Given these circumstances, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) created both the reintegration and repatriation programs to help out OFWs start anew.

Being the government’s prime agency for overseas Filipinos, OWWA offers a wide range of benefit and service programs to its member-OFWs. This is in line with its advocacy of promoting the welfare of OFWs around the world who contribute not only to their individual families but to the national economy in general. As such, OFWs may avail the reintegration and repatriation programs provided that they had returned in the country because of distressful or emergency situations. Moreover, OWWA also requires OFWs to submit their applications along with their pertinent documents which are necessary for the immediate processing of their applications.

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Under the OWWA Reintegration Program, qualified OFWs may choose either of the program’s two components. First is the psycho-social component in which OWWA provides a series of counseling sessions to OFWs and families in order for them to recuperate from what had happened to their OFW family member. OFWs may also select the program’s economic component wherein they will undergo entrepreneurial skills trainings. In addition, they can also borrow capital for their new businesses from the OWWA-NLSF Livelihood Program or the OFW Groceria Project. However, interested OFWs must comply with the OWWA loan requirements before their applications will be processed.
On the other hand, the OWWA Repatriation Program may be availed by previous OFWs who are distressed because of serious mistreatment they had suffered from their former foreign employers. It also provides various sorts of assistance such as airport fares, temporary shelter, domestic transportation, etc. Moreover, this program is also applicable to both alive and dead OFWs who are victims of work-related accidents in the country where they had worked in. All these and other OWWA programs are government-sponsored with auspices from other non-government organizations (NGOs) that also care for the welfare of OFWs who are considered as modern-day heroes.


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