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OWWA Services provide various assistance to them in different aspects such as educational, financial, livelihood, psychological, etc.

Millions of overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) around the world are really thankful for a wide array of OWWA Services. Being offered by the government’s Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, these services make an impact among members as well as their family members in securing its welfare and condition.
Through these, OFWs are taken care of while they endure long time of being away from the country just to work hard to provide a comfortable life to their loved ones in the Philippines. On the other hand, not only do the OFWs benefit from these services but their children and family members as well.

Considered as the new heroes of the country, OFWs choose to go abroad and work under foreign employers so as to earn a higher salary as compared to what they could receive in the Philippines. Statistics showed that since the late 1970s, there has been an increase on the number of Filipinos who leave the country every year to find luck outside the country. Because of this, the government instituted the Welfare and Training Fund for Overseas Workers in 1977 to promote the interests of OFWs. This obligation is still ensured up to this date through the various OWWA Services.

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Repatriation and reintegration programs concrete examples of OWWA Services

Both the government’s repatriation and reintegration programs are just some concrete examples of OWWA Services. Through the repatriation program, OFWs who have suffered from serious psychological conditions and/or maltreatment abroad may be brought back to the Philippines without any charge since the government will shoulder all the necessary expenses. The government will also secure their travel documents for them to return in the country immediately. On the other hand, the reintegration program includes job referrals and skills seminar-trainings that are intended for OFWs who want to settle in the country for good. OFWs may also check out other OWWA Services.


Qualified children, family members, and/or beneficiaries of OFWs can also avail the On-site and In-country Welfare Case Management (WCM) which are still among the OWWA Services. In the former, OFW families can request for help from OWWA in locating their loved ones abroad who lost contact with them. 

Legal assistance for their OFW-family members

They may also ask for legal assistance for their OFW-family members who are involved in any labor-related case abroad. In contrast, the in-country WCM may be availed by individuals whose OFW-family members need post-repatriation assistance, socio-psychological counseling, local and foreign job referrals, and other assistance programs that are covered by OWWA Services.
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