PhilHealth Program – Overseas Filipino Workers
Overseas Worker Program of PhilHealth

PhilHealth Program – Overseas Filipino Workers . It is a medical benefit for all OFWs who are active and working abroad. This premium coverage is equivalent to the number of years based on the their job contract.

Who are qualified under the Overseas Worker Program (OWP) of PhilHealth?

* Active landbased OFWs who underwent the normal process of registration as an OFW at POEA Offices
* OFWs who are currently abroad but are not yet registered with PhilHealth

Sea-based OFWs such as seafarers are considered locally employed members and not Overseas Worker members.

Registration procedures, documentary and premium requirements:

* Submit duly accomplished M1b Form or OFW Information Sheet (OIS) together with applicable documents for each qualified dependent declared.
* Also submit any of the following documents as proof of being an active OFW:
o Valid Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or E-receipt
o Valid overseas employment contract or certificate of employment
o Valid re-entry visa
o Valid job contract
* Pay the one-year premium of Php 900. For your convenience, premium payments covering the entire contract (equivalent to the number of years provided for in your contract) is highly encouraged.

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