Philippine Overseas Labor Office Programs and Services
Labor Office Programs and Services

POLOs program consists of services meant to ease the lives of Filipino migrant workers in terms of documents processing and labor market information.

Included in this program are the following:                                                                                                                                           
a. Verification of employment contracts
b. Issuance of Overseas Employment Certificates (OECs)
c. Verification and issuance of other documents such as job orders, special power of attorney (SPA),
and other employment-related documents
d. Marketing prospects on site – refers to the number of existing job orders
e. Labor market information – refers to up-to-date labor market information maintained in
the Filipino Workers Resource Center (DOLE-FWRC)
2. Employment Preservation
This program consists of services meant to defend the rights of OFWs in the receiving country.
a. Welfare Services – Consists of services such as counseling, custodian legal assistance, referral,
repatriation, visits to hospitals/jails, and other legal services provided for in cooperation with the
b. Blacklisting of Erring Employers/Agencies – The POLOs may recommend the blacklisting of
erring employers/agencies to the POEA
c. 24-hour Hotline Service – A hotline service for the welfare of OFWs. Also, the FWRC is open 7 days
a week, 24 hours a day, including holidays.
3. Employment Enhancement
This program is meant to improve the condition of the Philippine overseas workforce and their families and includes the following:
a. Workers’ Development – Periodic trainings are being conducted on various fi elds such as computer,
cooking, foreign language, livelihood projects, entrepreneurship and gender, to name a
b. OWWA voluntary membership on site – Filipino migrant workers who are not registered members
of OWWA can avail of the benefi ts OWWA provides to its members through the Voluntary
Membership Program (OWWA-VMP).
c. OWWA Medicare Program
d. Database System for OFWs – This refers to the computerized registration of OFWs to facilitate
tracking their whereabouts and their conditions.
e. Provident Fund Program (SSS Flexi-Fund) – This refers to the on-site registration of new members
and collection of appropriate fees.
f. Pag-ibig Overseas Program
g. Issuance of E-cards – Also called the OFW VISA Electron Cards, these enable bank transactions
through automated teller machines (ATMs).
4. Policy Development and Formulation

DOLE updated information

The POLOs provide the DOLE updated information on signifi cant economic, political, cultural and social
developments and policy innovations in the receiving country that are connected to Philippine labor
5. Networking, linkages, and information dissemination

Consultation meetings conducted by POLOs

The POLOs conduct consultation meetings with the
receiving country government, non-government organizations (NGOs), Filipino Communities, Employers/
Agencies, Media etc. for the purposes of network-building and information dissemination.
Source: PSI Migration and Women Health Workers
Overseas Filipino – OFW Guide
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Philippine Overseas Labor Office Programs and Services

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