POVERTY: A Challenge, not a hindrance to success
In this world where we live, we often ask our Almighty God to shower us with all His blessings. We beg Him to provide us with all our necessities like foods, shelter, clothes and even money, just to taste the sweetness of satisfaction.

A challenge not a hindrance.

However, not all the things we asked from Him are answered at once. Sometimes, we have to work for it. Even though we keep on praying and asking Him to grant our wishes, He will never grant it unless we work for it.

According to a saying, “NASA DIYOS ANG AWA, NASA TAO ANG GAWA”, we must work for the things we asked from God. A dream without an action is just a wish. It means that we should not always depend our lives in fortune but we must work hard to achieve or to attain our goals in life.


A good example of this is when we are suffering poverty and we want to pursue our dreams for a brighter tomorrow. In order to achieve it, we must exert much effort and hard works to study more and more. We must spend or devote our time in reading and of course, doing good to others, rather than doing our vices like gambling, chasing girls, using illegal drugs, smoking, gimmicks, “barkadas”, and many more.

Truly, “POVERTY IS NOT A HINDRANCE TO SUCCESS”. It is only a challenge that should be surpassed. We often hear these saying, but it is absolutely true and had proven by many.

Dr. Jose Rizal One of the national hero

One of this is our national hero, no other than Dr. Jose Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda. Even though he studied abroad, he also suffered poverty. It happened when Paciano, his responsible brother, had little to give because their lands in Calamba have been seized by heartless Spaniards. But because of his will to acquire knowledge and to help his countrymen to fight against Spaniards’ injustice, he continued studying and even tightens his belt just to minimize using money. And he succeeded. He finished his studies and graduated as an ophthalmologist with excellent grades among others. He went back to his motherland and he brought back the sight of his mother, Teodora. He also awaken the heart of his fellowmen by writing his novels, the “Noli Me Tangere”and “El Filibusterismo”.

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Another example is Andres Bonifacio. Even though he did not finish his studies because his parents were died at his young age, he still financed the studies of his siblings. He even sold hat, fan, and cane just to have some money to send his siblings to school. In this case, although Bonifacio did not finish his studies, he still wanted to send his siblings to school. For he knows that only education can save them against ignorance due to poverty.

And now, another man had proven these saying. John Gabriel Pelinas, University of the Philippines’ summa cum laude. According to him, although they are poor, he wants to pursue his dreams. Together with his loving grandmother, they faced many obstacles and hardships especially money matters. But because of his God-given knowledge, hard work, sacrifices, courage and with His help, he did it. He graduated bearing the highest grade in the history of the University of the Philippines after 65 years. In his valedictory speech, he thanked all the people who have helped him attained this honor. He did not forget God. He also announced that he wants to teach at his alma mater instead of going abroad.

Education has the power to change lives

Education has the power to change our lives. It is our weapon against poverty. It is a tool that we must acquire and to be used properly. Moreover, education can neither be lost nor be stolen by others. It is the only key to open the door of success. It is the fuel that can take us in our desired destination. It is also the wings that can help us to fly and enable us to reach the sky of triumph.

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But even though we attained our dreams, we must not uplift ourselves against others. We must be humble and be down to earth people. Always remember that God allows us to spread our wings and let us soar high, but He can seize it at any moment if we use His gift to ruin ones life.

So, we must be kind to others and let us share them the things we have. Let us also give them a chance to acquire knowledge. And if we do it, we can say that we have succeeded not only for our own benefits but also for others. By Sonemer*

*Sonemer is a current student of one of the systems in the University of the Philippines.


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