SSS Sickness Benefits

Sickness Benefit of the Philippine Security Social System is a premeditated program for active members who are in need of financial assistance.

SSS Sickness Benefits offer temporary monetary support to augment personal health related expenses.
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If you are an active member of Social Security System and not capable to work for a period of time due to health problems –sickness or injury, and being confined either in a hospital or at home for at least four days, a member could be eligible to receive and process SSS sickness benefit program.


This is a monetary allowance for a number of days when an active member who is not able to work 
due to injuries or sickness but a member would otherwise be accessible to work.

Active SSS member may be given a chance to file for the benefits

Active SSS member may be given a chance to file this benefit and be granted sickness benefit for a maximum of 120 days in one calendar year.
This sickness benefit shall not be paid for more than 240 days on account of the same illness. If the sickness or injury still persists after 240 days, his claim will be considered a disability claim.
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For self-employed and voluntary members should notify the SSS directly within five calendar days after the start of confinement, unless such confinement is in the hospital, in which case, notification is not necessary.   SSS Sickness Benefit will be paid directly by the SSS to the self-employed and voluntary members.   Forms needed for SSS Sickness Benefits:
1. SSS Form CLD-9A (Sickness Benefit Claim for Self-employed/Voluntary Members)

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2. SSS Form MMD-102 (Medical Certificate)

3. Presentation of the SS Digitized ID/SSS Form E-6 (acknowledgment stub) with 2 valid Ids, one of which with the recent photo.  

Voluntary and self-employed active member are advised to process its benefits

If you belong to the status of voluntary and self-employed active member, you are advised to process your SSS Sickness Benefits at the SSS Office nearest the place of your residence.   To get more information about SSS Sickness Benefit, you can contact the SSS Online Support Team in their official SSS Facebook Fan Page. They are happy and willing to entertain your queries.

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