Steps on how to file a complaint at DepEd Action Center

There are ways on how to file a complaint or concern at DepEd Action Center if you have any pertinent information to share about the Department of Education (DepEd), such as issues related to curriculum, teaching, learning resources, facilities, personnel, policies or programs. All you have to do is to contact the DepEd Action Center for assistance.


The DepEd Action Center is a public service unit that aims to provide prompt and efficient response to queries, feedback and suggestions from various stakeholders. It also serves as a channel for escalating complaints that need further action from higher authorities.

Here are some steps on how to file a complaint at DepEd Action Center:

1. Identify your type of concern. The DepEd Action Center handles different types of concerns such as queries, complaints/feedback, suggestions, requests and others. You can check their website ( for more details on each type of concern.

2. Prepare your contact information and supporting documents. You will need to provide your name, address, contact number and email address when filing a complaint. You may also attach any relevant documents that can support your complaint such as receipts, certificates, photos or videos.

3. Choose your preferred mode of communication. You can reach the DepEd Action Center through various channels such as phone call, email or online form. Here are their contact details:

   – Phone: (+63 2) 8636 1663 | 8633 1942 | 8635-9817 | 8638-7530 | 8638-7531 | 8638-7529 | (+63 919) 456 0027 | (+63 995) 921 8461

   – Email:

   – Online form:

4. Provide clear and concise details of your complaint. When communicating with the DepEd Action Center staff, make sure to explain your complaint clearly and concisely. Avoid using abusive or offensive language and respect their time and effort in addressing your concern.

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5. Follow up on your complaint status if needed. The DepEd Action Center will acknowledge your complaint within three working days and provide you with a reference number for tracking purposes. They will also inform you of the actions taken or resolutions made regarding your complaint within fifteen working days.

6. Give feedback on the service quality of the DepEd Action Center if possible. You can share your experience and satisfaction level with the DepEd Action Center by filling out their online survey form ( Your feedback will help them improve their service delivery and performance.

Filing a complaint at DepEd Action Center is one way of exercising your right as a stakeholder of the education sector. By doing so, you can help improve the quality of education in the country and contribute to its development goals.

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