What are OWWA’s Vision and Mission?

As a government agency, the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has the vision and mission of looking after the well-beings of many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) scattered all over the world.

This is to pay forward the latter’s invaluable sacrifices and hardships in working abroad in order to alleviate the financial needs of their individual families in the country. On the other hand, not all OFWs are fortunate in their quest towards a brighter future outside the country due to certain circumstances. Hence, the agency delivers different OWWA Services Programs in order to help out OFWs and their loved ones.
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These OWWA Services Programs are aligned with the vision of the agency, that is, to become a responsible instrument for the needs of OFWs. In addition, these programs are also the government‘s way of giving thanks to OFWs for their crucial contribution to the economy. According to many local and international economists, the continuing economic growth of the country is largely attributed to the OFWs who really work hard in order to send big amounts to their families in the country. As such, it is only right to recognize their contribution through offering them a variety of benefits and services.

Benefits and Services for OFWs

Among these benefits and services are the educational and livelihood programs. The former aims to provide an opportunity to OFWs as well as their qualified beneficiaries to advance their knowledge and skills in their chosen fields. Qualified beneficiaries may earn their baccalaureate or associate degrees in any of the state colleges and universities across the archipelago. In addition, OFWs may also build their own businesses in the country by availing the various loan programs being offered by OWWA. Through these loan programs, they will no longer leave the country since they can earn money while staying with their respective families.
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OWWA’s vision and mission

On the other hand, OWWA’s vision and mission is largely intended for its member-OFWs who are actively paying their monthly dues to the agency. Because of this, the government encourages other OFWs to register in the agency by paying the membership fee in order to fully avail the various OWWA Services Programs. Furthermore, to ensure transparency, the agency also strictly implements several policies as regards the processing of OFW applications for these programs. Thus, OFWs must comply with the standard requirements set by the agency in order for their applications to be processed in just a short period of time.

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